Staying on a boat in the Maritime District of Rotterdam

The best way to experience the world’s most beautiful harbour city is, of course, in the middle of the old city harbour. On a loftboat with 2 luxury apartments with sunny deck terrace in the heart of the city.

Maritime District

The Maritime District is the historical heart of the old harbour city. The place where in the old days ships and traders came together, the Leuveharbour, the Wijnharbour, the Old Harbour and Haringvliet. This is where wines, spices and other goods were brought in from all over the world, to be distributed in Europe. The Maritime District  is now developing into a wonderful mix of old and new. Classic ships, designer hotels, highrise buildings, restaurants by the water. Rotterdam is showing its facelift here!

Staying at the Visithor is a very special Rotterdam and nautical experience. When you are enjoying the sunny terrace you can see the nostalgic boats in the harbour of the Maritime Museum next door.  Shopping areas, museums, cinemas,  restaurants and galleries are at walking distance. The Witte de Withstraat, full of galeries and restaurants is at 2 minutes walking distance. Also at walking distance is the Markthal Rotterdam, an indoor food market in a very remarkable building. Discover Rotterdam and relax on this lovely ship, where the days are busy and the nights quiet.