History of the ship


The ship, de Timmerbak 10 (Carpentry barge10), was built in 1955 and was used after the Second World War for the reconstruction and expansion of the port of Rotterdam. The boat was called DE TIEN (THE TEN), a simple and very suitable name for this tough workhorse. The ship carried huge poles back and forth and helped rebuild the quays and ship docks.

In 2007, after more than half a century of hard work in the port, the ship was rebuilt to start a second life. DE TIEN fits in perfectly with its surroundings, the Nautical District in the heritage port of Rotterdam. This ship is part of the port history of Rotterdam and that is what you can feel on board.
DE TIEN still looks rough on the outside, but the two appartments inside, Vistithor 1 and Visithor 2, are romantic and very comfortable. The central heating keeps you warm and the wood stove provides a romantic touch. Almost all portholes have been replaced by large ship windows and there are skylights for natural daylight. Outside it still looks like it used to, with a loading mast and winch on the upper deck.