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"our journey is our destination"              
We are Trudy and Ton Hess, the proud owners of the sturdy ship DE TIEN, with de two lovely appartments Visithor 1 and Visithor 2.

Right after our first visit, we fell in love with the ship. When the owner said he wanted to slow down and put the ship up for sale, the deal was quickly made. Life on the water is wonderful and an adventure every day. The front part of the ship, appartment Visithor 1, with its own entrance and terrace, is available to guests all year round. We inhabit the other part of the ship, Visithor 2. We rent out this part for special occasions.

 As residents of Rotterdam, we are proud to be true Rotterdammers. Rotterdam has stolen our hearts. The city is real and the people are honest and proud of their city. You will experience the Netherlands in its purest form.
Especially in recent years, the city has gone through many positive changes. Architecture, restaurants, festivals, concert venues and the atmosphere of the harbor in the city, it can all be found in Rotterdam! There is a lot to tell about the history of Rotterdam and everything there is to enjoy!

Enjoy your stay on our ship in the center of Rotterdam! “The journey is the destination” Ton and Trudy