Owner profile

My name is Eric van Emden and I am the owner of Loftboat Visithor and 2 other boats, logeerboot-rotterdam in Rotterdam Kralingen and Logeerboot Rothor, in the center of Rotterdam.

Classic boats are my passion and renovating them is a fantastic job to do!  I live on a classic boat, an Amsterdam ferry built in 1911. The front part of this boat is also available for your stay in Rotterdam. Check www.logeerboot-rotterdam.nl

I love to travel and experience other worlds and other cultures. My favourite places are other harbour cities. You will always find me somewhere near the water, or in it, on a boat!

I have lived in Rotterdam most of my life. The wonderful city has seen many changes, especially during the last years. Architecture, festivals, restaurants, nightlife, you will find dit all in Rotterdam! I can give you many tips about what to do and see in Rotterdam!

Enjoy your stay on my boat in the centre of Rotterdam!